Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hey, Watch that s_ _ _ !

The 4 letter blank spells out SALT ..           YES, too much salt causes your blood pressure to rise. Remember, high blood pressure meds & anti-depressants  have the most side effects on your hair*  & that's not good for your hair or body. Exercise helps*  and potassium from a bannana a day may help according to Consumer reports onHealth."Bananas are rich in potassium-the mineral that helps regulate sodium." A large majority of customers told me their hair changed (thinned, texture changed, weakened, grayed, excessive shedding etc) as they matured & part of the reason could be the result of a high sodium diet. Nutrition is vital to healthy hair & scalp. Consistency = progress.

{Archive references: What's Causing Damage To My Hair? Part 2, Work Out Your Hair, Part 1}

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