Sunday, October 21, 2012

Natural hair comments cont'd...

Comment from SC from the DC area :   I think women of color are embracing the fact that their hair doesn't have to be bone straight to look nice. 
I haven't had a relaxer since June of last year however I let my beautician put a texturizer in my hair last week. It's not as strong as a relaxer from what I understand. Yes, that's true.
I do however struggle with trying to keep my hair looking like it did when I left the beauty shop.
I do have a question. I thought braids were suppose to help make the hair grow? I allowed my daughter to get braids some months ago but she sustained some breakage around where you would put a pony tail. Years ago when we lived in Georgia, she never had this problem but she did get kinky twist which were strand twist when we lived in the south.
My daughter is getting ready to play basketball again and would love the flexibility of having her hair in braids but I don't want her to experience breakage again. Any advice?

Reply  : Hi SC.  A combination of things contribute to hair breakage & hair growth. The reason braiding or kinky twist styles helps is because your hair has a break from excessive physical stress (shampooing, blow drying  flat ironing, combing, brushing etc) or chemical stress. However, hair is weak & prone to breakage when its wet,  so if your daughter plays sports or not, then its likely when her hair is in a ponytail she may have been  sweating (which opens the pores & causes scalp itch) & scratching or maneuvering wet hair in the same location could've caused the breakage. Options : For hairline & scalp protection don't have the hair braided to tight & occasionally try wearing a loose or 2 pony tails using a soft fabric (non-rubber) band in different locations so her scalp can air out. Also, ask her braider if your daughter would benefit from using a hydrating or braid spray. Hope that helps. 

Comment from SW from Chicago : Why is it natural?
- cost to straighten it
- various styles are trendy
- increase of 'this is who I am' attitudes.
- not enough time or too lazy to maintain straighter style.

Thank both of you for your comments!

for more beautiful natural styles.....

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