Sunday, December 9, 2012

natural hair Q & A's cont'd

front hairline case of traction alopecia

Question:  What can I do if my hair is braided to tight & why do I loose so much hair when I take my braids down?
Answer:  If you're experiencing pain, then warm water (from the shower or a spray water bottle) can help with a gentle massage. Take pain relievers at your discretion  but I'd suggest not braiding it so tight next time, especially the front hairline. That's unhealthy for your scalp and can lead to hair loss and traction alopecia.  If necessary, then remove your braids and don't make a return appointment with tight braiders.  Before trying any hairstyle, consider the long term effects.

Also, hair sheds daily even when its braided, so once braids are removed it's normal to experience some hair loss. Be gentle when combing & always spray on a detangler 1st.
Consistency = progress.

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